Not testing your design is like wasting money.

90% of CPGs rely on packaging to increase sales, improve their velocity, and grow their bottom line.

Invest in certainty, test your design first.

Ask how

Your Packaging +
Our Design Testing
= More Profits

CPG is a cut-throat industry.
Adding us into your mix is getting an unfair advantage.

That is if you like winning.

Your packaging is your 24/7 sales asset. Make sure it works.

Each of our CPG clients goes through our Design Testing Process.

Our main goal: predict how your product would sell on the shelves before hitting it.

Our Testing Methodology


100 respondents are recruited to aid the testing process.

Shelf Viewing & Shopping

Shoppers are eye-tracked while they view and shop a shelf.


Respondents are tasked with finding products on the shelf.

Packaging Isolation

The 3-second packaging test to mimic the shelf attention.

Purchase Insight

A deep dive into what drives decision- making in the category.

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Let’s test your design

Not testing your design is like wasting money.