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“You’ve got to bend the stick while it’s green”

My grandparents were Portuguese immigrant farmers who came to Canada in the 1960’s. My grandfather taught my father the importance of “bending the stick when it was green” and I grew up with my father always joking about this being his mantra while raising three boys. Although I often rolled my eyes, I know now that my father applied this concept in a much wider way that holds value and truth.

The thought process came from growing grapevines and fruit trees in their backyard in the Azores. When a branch is in the process of growing (green), it's much easier to work with, bend, and form into the position you want. Once brown, although it may still bend a bit, at a certain point it breaks. My father applied this concept to raising kids but also wanted me to apply it to my relationships. He wanted me to set my expectations early so that the relationship could grow in an organic way, being fruitful for all involved.

This concept surfaces now and then when I stop and reflect about raising my own children, building new friendships, and in business. It has also always been a thought when studying shoppers and consumers across industries over the past decade. The truth is, the earlier a company begins to influence brand perceptions through developing an understanding of their consumers, the more likely they will be able to bend to better meet shopper and consumer expectations.

At Rich Insights we're experts at helping you bend things like:

  • Shopper Emotions + Attitudes

  • Package Designs

  • Signage Testing

  • Video Ad Analysis

  • Planograms / Shelf Sets

  • App User Experience (UX)

  • Web User Experience (UX)

  • Anything else that involves understanding shoppers and/or consumers

We do this through capturing and understanding your shoppers and consumers using online, innovative, environmentally friendly, and covid safe techniques.

So yes Dad, if you’re reading this, I’ll say it- you were right!

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