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RICH INSIGHTS understands that how shoppers approach and shop a shelf is a key to a positive shopping experience. Products need to be organized in a way that makes shopping the category intuitive. Shoppers that quickly find what they need are more likely to spend more time exploring the category, finding new products, and adding additional products to their basket. A shelf that is improperly organized (in the mind of the shopper) leads to frustration which results in negative shopping experiences and higher walkaway rates.


Utilize shopping exercises, finding exercises, and eye-tracking to provide a complete and robust understanding of any type of shelf or display. Learn what elements of your shelf positively influence the shopping experience. Build principles that can be utilized across a wide range of shoppers and retailers.



Understanding how shoppers approach a category and the hierarchy of their decisions while at the shelf are the building blocks required to organizing a shelf effectively. Optimize the shelf to maximize shopper engagement and create the best opportunity to build a basket. Identify ideal shelf placement for new products.

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