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Comm testing

RICH INSIGHTS utilizes emotional and neuro techniques to test multiple concepts rapidly and easily. 

Test video content to gauge shopper emotional reaction. Test anything from signage and still images to video advertisements.

We utilize:

  • Eye Tracking

  • IRT (Implicit Reaction Test) 

  • Facial Coding

To gain a deeper understanding of video elements that resonate with specific shopper segments, and what content can be edited out. 

Shopper emotion testing, shopper reaction to content.jpg

eye Tracking

See where shoppers focus their attention on your signage, advertisements, or video. Maximize messaging impact by understanding what elements of your content are viewed and which are ignored.

Implicit Association Test Decision.jpg

implicit REACTION

An effective method that measures shopper reaction on a non-conscious level. Shoppers are presented with images and/or terms in quick succession in order to determine non-conscious links that a shopper themselves may not be aware of.

facial coding


Measure emotional reaction to a wide variety of content. Facial coding provides emotional insight split out by easy to understand dimensions including:

  • Anger

  • Confusion

  • Disgust

  • Fear

  • Happiness

  • Sadness

  • Surprise

We provide an easy-to-understand breakdown of how your content is being consumed. Easily see which elements drive specific emotions for easy and effective editing. Compare multiple options across a variety of easy to understand dimensions to asses a winning concept.

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