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At Rich Insights, we are rooted in two passions, shopper research, and environmentalism. We answer your questions about your shoppers, while simultaneously building a stronger planet for future generations. 


Rich Insights uses modern techniques such as eye tracking, facial coding, and a suite of other neuro and emotive-based methodologies. This allows for a deeper dive into the mind of your shoppers and consumers. 


Understanding shoppers and consumers is the first step in cultivating a desired product perception. In a world of overconsumption, we want your brand to stand out as a responsible and mindful decision. We also want to help greenify the planet because it feels good to do good!


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Richard Moniz


I have been in the research industry for over a decade. I've worked with a wide range of companies across a range of industries globally. My passion is helping companies and brands better understand their shoppers and consumers. I have worked with the most cutting-edge technologies to better understand how and why shoppers buy and consumers consume. I have led the development of innovative testing solutions including interactive shopper walls and virtual reality which my clients have been able to harness to delve deeper into the minds of their shoppers and consumers.


As a father, I want to ensure that I do everything I can to make the world a better place for our future generations. I want the earth my children walk on to be better because I walked it before them. We have a responsibility to be mindful in the way we live our lives. We all have the power to positively change the world, even if it’s just one shopper (or tree) at a time!


If you'd like to better understand your shoppers and consumers and plant some trees, reach out to me and we can chat about what RICH INSIGHTS can do for you!



Let's work together. Contact us!

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